In the dead of winter..

Sometimes in the dead of winter, you just need to drive to the nearest park and watch the sunset. And maybe smoke a cigarette.

Even if you don’t smoke and end up mispronouncing the brand of cigarettes because it is the first time you have ever purchased those nasty things. Never again…

But the point is, there are nights, ones very much like the one I am describing, that eat away at our hearts.

And there is something about walking around when the air is cold and bitter, just breathing. Just watching the sun fall into it’s resting place.

Just as you do at night, right before you rock yourself to sleep.

The world seems to be spinning in the wrong direction, and there is nothing around, no one around, to hold onto while it happens.

To anyone who as ever felt like they are drowning alone in this backward spinning world. You are not alone.

And even though it may seem hard to believe right now as you are fighting desperately to survive, there will come a day when you realize that all of that suffering made you into this strong and wonderful being.

Because you are beautiful. And no one can take that soul away from you.

Nothing, no one , can harm the one true you.


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