The Wisdom of a Child


(Photo credit: Andy Prokh)

I used to wonder why I make friends more easily with children then I do adults.

I know now,  I don’t want anyone to feel like they own me, and in that regard, children are safe.

They cant and don’t want to own you, they love you to death and just want to play.

I think that’s cool. As a children’s photographer, it doesn’t seem like a ‘job’ to hang out with kids.

It’s more like, my social life more than anything. I find I can relate more to children than i can adults.

For example,

Child: *quietly whispers* : ‘ Today I ran into that chair *points to chair* and it hurt…..

Adult: *blank stare* : ‘Today Was fine. How was your day?’

Children are wise and full of knowledge. And to be honest, a lot more vulnerable, honest, and blunt than we as adults will ever be.

Kids make me smile.