I want you to want me.


I have dreams about what happened, and when i wake up, I see everything as it really is. Only, its exactly the same as my dream. And i feel overpowered by my own mind, controlling how much or how little I feel.

I want to believe that if we were able to love someone so completely, we would always have a place for them in our lives.

I want to be able to look at him, love him, without having to wonder whether he loves me or not. I dont think I should have to give up needing to be loved. No one should have to wonder. I need reassurance every now and then.

I am sick of having to question all the time.

Do you want me.

Do. You. Want. me…like ive always wanted you.


Just a thought

ImageI’m the one who gently sits herself on her bed, grasping her legs- crying, in order to feel some satisfaction that the past really did happen.

That I am allowed to feel hurt. Used. Maybe manipulated the entire time.

And somewhere between sitting down and crying into my hands, I came to a conclusion.

I can’t get over the fact that I fell so deep for someone. I simply can’t come to terms with the difference in feelings we had for each other.

I can’t believe i am still hurting. For gods sake…

Why can’t I sleep anymore.